Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week 41, 6 days past due date IT'S BABYTIMES

You broke your mother's water this morning at 4:20am!

You are coming, closer and closer.

We've been at the hospital since 530am, and your mother just got an epidural to help her with the pain. Things are good.

I am exhausted but thrilled and relieved. I can't stop thinking and talking about you, now that I know that you're so close.

This is the greatest roller coaster of my life. YOU, baby, are the only thrill ride this Daddy needs.

I can hear your heart as I type this, strong, steady, like its always been. I can hear you coming baby.

We played you Beatles tunes and your mother and I sang through some of her contractions.

So far, this is a pretty incredible day. Your day, baby.

See you soon,


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